Is your company prepared?

Customer Conflict Resolution™ designed to

Mitigate conflict

Eliminates confusion about what materials are in product, striving to keep companies from poor customer reviews and lost revenue.

Make decisions easy

Customers can make an educated decision on buying your product without any risk of employees giving out the wrong information.

Create brand loyalty

Clear disclosure and easy to understand labelling equals stronger customer retention and loyalty to the brand.

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TSL means ease

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Ease of mind and ease of decisions for company and customer

What We Look For

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of forever chemicals like PFAs

Absence of BPA

Cleaner materials not linked to health problems

Our Services

A process made to fit your brand


Product material assessments

Remote or on-site


Material substitutions to make products cleaner



Clear and concise labels

Backed by research

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Did you know?

Consumer Reports

PFAS in pots and pans pose risks even if the chemicals don’t migrate directly into our bodies


The most eco-friendly laptops are made from aluminum and glass with no cadmium, lead, and mercury


The use of toxic chemicals (polyvinyl chloride, brominated flame retardants, and phthalates) harm workers and communities around e-waste dumps

“When companies don’t tell us what is in a product, we cannot easily make an informed choice.”

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