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We offer a wide variety of services tailored specifically to airlines for ease and longevity.

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Menu/Air Testing

TSL conducts remote or on-site menu assessments and on-site air quality tests.


TSL provides any necessary expert recommendations to mitigate customer conflicts.


TSL implements research driven labelling for room and menu Customer Conflict Resolution™..

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In-Flight Fumes

Staff have reported tremors, memory problems, difficulty thinking and speaking, brain damage and other illnesses that have kept them out of work for months and sometimes ended their careers.

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After air travel was reduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines are looking for ways to continue to encourage passengers to fly again. Improving food and beverage quality is one way to achieve this.

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Risk During Travel

People who travel on international flights may be directly sprayed with insecticides, thus being forced to breathe the vapors, as well as to face exposure through their skin and eyes.

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