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The All-Inclusive International Wellness Label™

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Adapting to the new normal after a pandemic.

The new normal is health and wellness. TSL is the one and only all-inclusive international wellness label in a 1.5 trillion dollar industry.

Estimated Annual

Company Gain

According to latest research on missed unclaimed revenue by not using TSL. Per industry.


$682 Billion

Packaged foods

$225 Billion


$126 Billion


$15 Billion


$135 Billion

Why Should my

company become

tsl certified?

Can your company guarantee without a shadow of doubt that your product, atmosphere, or staff negligence will not harm over 6 billion individuals? TSL is committed to!

Does your company have anything in place to guarantee your customer the best quality product or service for their condition? TSL is committed to through the ONLY All-Inclusive Wellness Label™!

Can your company guarantee one easy step and let your customers stay discreet? TSL is committed to!

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Customer Conflict

Can you guarantee that the food your servers are serving won’t make a customer’s disability worse by negligence of the server?

Luxury Hotel Suite


Customer Conflict

Can you guarantee that your hotel room’s air quality, ventilation, and cleanliness will not harm or worsen a customer?

Beautiful African American flight attendant in an airplane


Customer Conflict

Flight crew has a lot to uphold with a plane full of passengers relying on them for their needs. How many hours have they spent trying to aid demanding passengers who have allergies?

The Potential Payouts Of Certification

Company grows in credibility due to third party certification. Brand trust increases

Potential 15% overall annual revenue increase

Certification shines positive light on company. Brand equity and image improved

Company stays relevant and keeps edge in trillion dollar growing market

Company grows with international, univeral recognition of TSL certification. Top of recommended brands

TSL Certification Process

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Company is interested in becoming certified for All-Inclusive Wellness™.

TSL begins testing products, atmosphere, and more.

If all testing passes our standards, advance to next stage. If it does not pass, suggestions are submitted to the Company to continue.

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When testing is approved then TSL officially declares that the product or property of a company is cetified.

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An agreement is made for the company to start utilizing the TSL logo as well as the trademarked All-Inclusive Wellness™.

Why did TSL reach out to my company?

Rather than the typical application process, TSL only reaches out to companies whose core values and mission are in line with that of TSL’s and those of TSL’s wellness community.

Customers can also make brand recommendations for TSL to consider directly.

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How much does logo licensing cost?

TSL All-Inclusive Wellness™ trademark licensing costs are based on annual revenue. Once your company’s application is reviewed and approved, TSL will send you the licensing cost details.

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