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Customer Conflict Resolution™

To better serve companies and consumers, TSL has created Customer Conflict Resolution™ specifically tailored to cleaning products and supplies. TSL mitigates disability conflict through a three tiered process of examining, adjusting, and thoroughly labeling products with a goal of transparency for consumers. This aims to ensure peace of mind and brand loyalty.

Customer quote:

”It’s hard to find what’s healthy for me or not. Ingredients on these cleaning products are long-winded and confusing. I just want to see something easy that tells me this won’t trigger my asthma.”-Anonymous

Minimalist Room Interior

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TSL offers remote and on-site cleaning product ingredients assessments to determine which products are cleaner living-friendly for customers.

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TSL provides expert recommendations to mitigate customer conflict by eliminating problematic ingredients.


TSL provides easy, simple labeling for greater transparency and decision-making.

Get the best strategy in mitigating customer conflict with the help of our highly experienced customer conflict resolution team.

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Minimalist Room Interior

Research Results

VOCs and other chemicals released when using cleaning supplies contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches

American Lung Association

Fumes from some cleaning products may induce asthma in otherwise healthy individuals.


More than 4 in 5 Americans (83%) say having cleaners they use in their home that are made from environmentally friendly ingredients is at least somewhat important to them, with about a third (32%) saying it is extremely important or absolutely essential.

Business Wire

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