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Customer Conflict Resolution™

Clothes made with cleaner materials are in greater demand and TSL’s Customer Conflict Resolution™ aims to offload the burden by providing better transparency in clothing third party labelling.

This not only helps companies, but also makes the in-store or online experience seamless and easy for customers. Cleaner living comes down to finding just one label.

Customer quote:

”After my diagnosis, I try to keep the look out for what’s harming my health. It was like pulling teeth finding out info about the clothes I wanted to buy. Seeing if there are harsh chemicals in my clothes shouldn’t require me to call ten different places trying to get a straight answer.” -Anonymous

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What we look for

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Quality Materials

TSL looks for cleaner, quality materials free from harmful substances

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Absence of Harsh Chemicals

Synthetic materials and most common “free from” ingredients should be absent from clothing

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The burden should never be on the customer to investigate what’s in a product, especially if it’s vital to their health

What the science says

Health Risks

It is often the case that workout, water-resistant, wrinkle-free, and stain-resistant clothing contains chemicals such as PFAS. Exposure to PFAS poses a threat to long-term health, such as kidney and testicular cancers, liver damage, and developmental issues.

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Consumer Desires

38% of surveyed consumers say clearer information about sustainability features would make them want to purchase sustainable clothing.

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Survey Results

A recent study found hazardous chemicals in 63% of the items tested from 20 different textile brands (including fashion giants).

What we do

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Materials Assessments

TSL conducts remote or on-site materials assessments of clothing to determine which ones can carry the cleaner living label.

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TSL is equipped with expert recommendations based on latest research to mitigate customer conflict.

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TSL implements research driven, easy to understand and identify labelling for clothes as a way for Customer Conflict Resolution™.

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