TSL industries

TSL industries

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an international wellness brand

an international wellness brand



What is your company doing to support wellness?

Luxury wellness

Products made with healthier materials and ingredients are in greater demand and TSL raises awareness to companies using them by showcasing wellness efforts to consumers.

This not only helps companies, but also makes the in-store or online experience seamless and easy for customers. Wellness is as easy as finding just one label.

Pick one or pick all

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TSL reviews the efforts your company makes for the wellness consumer and filters through TSL’s Standards of excellence. TSL brings awareness to your company’s luxury wellness through showcasing.

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Support Growth

While TSL brings a stronger awareness to the efforts your company produces in wellness, TSL walks alongside your company with expert reccommendations for a robust luxury wellness.

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TSL is the only Doctor Recommended, All-Inclusive Luxury wellenss label. By certifying your products you are stating your products are safer for the consumer.

Who will showcase your company?

Chrissy Rose

MAC, PhD Apprentice

Bonjour! I am Chrissy Rose, the owner & Luxury Wellness Expert at The Sweetest Life International. I am privileged to have worked with some of the best companies in the industry. With over thirty years worth of expertise, I bring an elevated experience to my brand partnerships.

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latest findings

Is my skincare routine working?

A study revealed that

About 68% of consumers say they want to buy skincare products made with clean ingredients, according to a recent report by The NPD Group

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Research results

  • 35 percent of shoppers do not buy a product when they find ingredients on the label that are confusing.

  • 71% of consumers find it important to recognize a product’s ingredients.

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It’s important to note

93% surveyed agreed, and 62% strongly agreed, that companies should do a better job of getting rid of harmful chemicals from consumer products.

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Customer Quote

“TSL made in-store and online shopping so much easier. When I buy different product types at a store that sells everything, there were too many labels to navigate. Their one wellness label makes me want to shop anywhere that carries it for just the peace of mind alone!”

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“Consumer demand for product transparency is on the rise, and when brands and retailers fail to deliver, it erodes brand trust.”

Don’t wait! Call TSL now and help your customers make easy decisions today!

Taoyuan, Taiwan 17 August 2023: Costco wholesale store in Nankan

TSL industries

TSL industries

Palm Tree Logo Images Illustration

an international wellness brand

an international wellness brand


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