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What is customer Conflict ResolutioN™?

When a customer finds the iconic TSL label, they are ensured that the product they are receiving meets the standard of high quality for providing cleaner living products.

If a customer cannot easily read the label they will shop at a different store that will aid in their new cleaner lifestyle. Simply put: they look for one TSL logo on all product types instead of different “clean, non-toxic” logos for different types of products.

With roughly 6 billion people and 15% revenue loss, is that a number your company is willing to offload to another store?

Be in the know

Is my skincare routine working?

A study revealed that

About 68% of consumers say they want to buy skincare products made with clean ingredients, according to a recent report by The NPD Group

Couple reading label on organic food package

Research clearly shows

  • 35 percent of shoppers do not buy a product when they find ingredients on the label that are confusing.

  • 71% of consumers find it important to recognize a product’s ingredients.

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It’s important to note

93% of voters agreed, and 62% strongly agreed, that companies should do a better job of getting rid of harmful chemicals from consumer products.

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Customer Quote

“When I walk into a large store that caters to my new cleaner lifestyle by making it so much easier to locate items I need that won’t make me feel sick, I would buy anything and everything there! I wouldn’t even shop anywhere else. Why would I? If they made it easy, it shows me they actually care about me as a consumer. Making my life easier would meet a major need of mine! And I would be a customer for life!”

- Anonymous

How TSL certifies

Free sample food for testing. Rich nutritional cereals



TSL conducts remote or on-site product assessments for several categories.

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We make recommendations to offload customer conflict by determining cleaner products.

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We equip your store with labels that make your job easier and decisions easier for customers.

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“Consumer demand for product transparency is on the rise, and when brands and retailers fail to deliver, it erodes brand trust.”

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