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Why certify with TSL?

TSL uses Customer Conflict Resolution™ to aid in offloading company liability for cosmetics. With more conditions potentially impacted by cosmetics ingredients, clear and concise labeling is critical for improved customer relations and market resilience.

Customer Quote:

“I was diagnosed with rosacea and I just learned I also have a gene called HLA. I now have to watch not only what i put on my face but also what I eat. With my skin being so sensitive a label that just says sensitive doesn’t really tell me if it has chemicals that will make it worse. Trust me I’ve tried the “made for sensitive skin” labels and it had more harmful stuff in it than the regular did!” -Anonymous

tsl certification process

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Ingredient assessment

TSL remote or on-site ingredients assessments and lab tests to determine cleaner living products.


TSL provides any necessary expert recommendations to mitigate customer conflicts by eliminating problematic ingredients.


TSL implements research driven labelling for cosmetics Customer Conflict Resolution™. Customers now need to find one label rather than several.

Did you know?

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Studies show

manufacturers use 88 chemicals, in more than 73,000 products, linked to cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

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Research indicates

cosmetic chemicals enter through skin, inhalation, ingestion and internal use, and pose the same risks as food chemicals.

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Findings reveal

9 of 10 consumers support rules ensuring cosmetics are produced in clean environments.

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Survey says

46% of consumers in the habit of reviewing cosmetic ingredients before making a purchase.


Allow your customers to be free in ordering and buying your products with ease and effortless decisons. Call us today!

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