What is your company doing to support wellness?

All-Inclusive wellness label™

TSL showcases cruise lines that are striving to make wellness a priority. Additionally, TSL supports cruise growth with relevant wellness recommendations. To ensure lasting recognition, TSL certifies cruise ships with its iconic wellness label.

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TSL International


Medical Luxury Wellness Experts

45 Years Experience

  • Air quality in all areas requested plus in rooms and common areas
  • Restaurant menu overview
  • Culinary creative advisory
  • Full Spa assessment: lab-grade testing with essential oil air quality verification, medical grade detox methodology
  • Customer Profiler in multigenerational and multicultural insight and trends
  • Location optimization with Urban Planning Demographer
  • Preferred client app portal feature
  • Annual use of global cleaner living trademarked logo and likeness
  • Marketing coordination and support with or without medical terminology
  • Minibar/snacks/gift shop aassessment and client list of approved cleaner living products
  • In-house car fleet air quality testing
  • Latest medical research and wellness trend updates
  • On-call support and new product verification
  • Housekeeping advisory assessments and certification
  • Toiletries and amenity kit certification and assessment
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*And more depending on industry needs and company goals

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TSL Credentials

Trade Association Memberships:

  • Member of ASHRAE
  • Member of American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • Member of American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologists (SIOP)

Staff Degrees and Credentials:

  • 45 years combined professional experience
  • 20+ years in Public Relations and live productions with extensive knowledge in speaking engagements and non-profits
  • Oxford University Journal, Google Scholar, Euro Journal, NIH-published research
  • 20 years Industrial-Organizational Psychology experience
  • 10+ years ingredient-quality screening
  • PhD Apprentice in Communication
  • 15+ years in breast cancer, disabilities, mental illness studies and advocacy
  • Public Relations Certification
  • 3-time Emmy award winning live TV production

Standards and Criteria:

  • EPA, NIOSH, WHO, CDC, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, Harvard University and ASHRAE criteria-based standards
  • United States Patent-Pending Certification

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TSL International Supports Those With

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Cancer Patient Friendly



Arthritis Friendly

Alzheimer’s Friendly

*TSL follows medical research for over 50 disabilities and diseases

All research materials obtained from:




Johns Hopkins

Stanford Medical Center


Cleveland Clinic

Mayo Clinic

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TSL reviews the efforts your hotel makes for the wellness consumer and filters through TSL’s Standards of excellence. Tsl brings awareness to your hotel’s luxury wellness through showcasing.

growth and support

While TSL brings a stronger awareness to the efforts your company produces in wellness, TSL walks alongside your company with expert recommendations for a robust luxury wellness.


TSL is the only Doctor Recommended, All-Inclusive Luxury Wellness label. By certifying your company you are stating your cruise ship is safer for the consumer.

Why showcase

with TSL?

  1. TSL is the only all-inclusive, internationally-known luxury wellness label with a reach of over 4 billion people.
  2. With over 45 years experience, TSL is designed to cater to consumers and companies simultaneously.
  3. When TSL showcases a brand, life is easier for companies and consumers through raised awareness.
  4. You have your own PR Luxury Wellness Expert vouching for your brand’s quality in the $7 trillion wellness industry.
  5. There is no other company like TSL because it is the only patent-pending process rated #1 by doctors and customers alike.
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