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All-Inclusive wellness label™

TSL helps cruise lines by making it easier to accommodate guests (including those with certain conditions) with a comprehensive cleaner labelling strategy for accommodations, spa services and dining options. With TSL’s all-inclusive wellness label, it’s easier than ever for customers and employees to know what are in products and services. Now, only one label needs to be found to ensure a cleaner, wellness-friendly experience.

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air quality and dining

TSL assesses air quality of accommodations to determine if it is compatible with cleaner living quality. TSL also assesses menus to avoid top allergens with an all-in-one cleaner label and help guests easily and independently find cleaner eating options on menus.


TSL makes expert recommendations to help improve accommodations and menu option quality to cater to cleaner living for guests to reduce risk to certain conditions. This includes ingredient substitutions on menus and non-invasive air quality enhancers.


TSL provides all-inclusive labelling for easy, independent decisions for guests to help with cleaner living choices. Labels carry universal recognition and therefore eliminate confusion.

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In the hospitality industry, one negative guest review can ruin a business’s reputation. If someone has trouble breathing or experiences a medical episode as a result of poor air quality, you might lose a significant chunk of your business.


Air quality also affects guest productivity. A 2021 study from Harvard University clearly shows that inadequate ventilation and high carbon dioxide levels led to poorer scores and response times on cognitive tests.


The study measured PM concentrations on four popular cruise ships in an effort to examine how it impacts air quality. “This study found PM pollution at times to be as bad as some of the most polluted cities in the world.”

TSL values

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Exceptional air quality in cabins for cleaner living.

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Cleaner Services

Spa treatments with cleaner lotions.

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Cleaner Foods

Cleaner eating without top allergens/additives (soy, dairy, gluten, added sugar…all-in-one)

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