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Furniture without controversy

Customer Conflict Resolution™ by TSL serves furniture companies by striving to offload burden through easy to recognize labeling on cleaner products. Consumers not mislead or confused by product claims are more likely to purchase from a transparent brand.

Customer quote:

”I just bought my child a small table to sit at. When I unpacked it, the chemical smell was so strong I had a headache for 3 days. I didn’t want to take it back because she loved it, but I don’t know what was in it to cause a reaction that quickly.” - Anonymous

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Consumer Preferences

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Almost 9 in 10 consumers said that 3rd Party Certification validating that furniture was made with substances that could not harm them or their family was also very important.

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Clear Choice

More than 96% of home furnishings purchasers will choose eco-friendly home furnishings if they like the style of the products and the price is within their budget

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Clean Air

93% of respondents expressed concern about hazardous indoor air quality

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90 percent of consumers think the chemicals and materials used when manufacturing furniture are important or very important to their purchase decision process.

TSL Process


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Materials Assessment

TSL assesses furniture for materials that are in line with TSL’s clean living standards.


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TSL makes any necessary recommendations to turn toxic furniture into cleaner living furniture.


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Product Labeling

TSL’s labeling is more understood by consumers and makes company’s hard work on being cleaner more apparent.

TSL Sample Standards

Interior Design

Free of

Flame retardants, BPA,

formaldehyde and VOC finishes

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Organic sourcing for raw materials like cotton and absence of synthetic, off-gassing materials.

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Materials lists are uncomplicated for consumer. Consumers should quickly be able to tell if furniture is non-toxic and clean living compatible.

What Research Shows

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“Exposure to flame retardant chemicals has been linked to serious health issues, including cancer, neurotoxicity, thyroid disease and decreased fertility, as well as deficits in motor skills, attention and IQ in children.”


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“Potentially hazardous substances are even more widespread than we thought. The furniture in our homes could contain chemicals that may harm the health of our children, the new study suggests.”

- Medical News Today

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”PFAS, PBDEs, and OPEs are all categories of chemicals that have been linked to a slew of health impacts, including certain cancers, decreased birth weights, thyroid disease, asthma and ulcerative colitis.”

- Environmental Health News


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