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Managing a hotel is hard work, and TSL’s All-Inclusive Wellness™ label strives to make life easier for you and your guests through third party labelling, comprehensive testing and expert recommendations based off latest research findings for cleaner living.

Hotels have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and interior air pollution sources. This can come from furniture, flooring, paints, and cleaning supplies. Poor air quality can repel potential guests because VOCs are linked to asthma, autism, arthritis and cancer.

To further support hotels, TSL makes it easier for clean living guests to effortlessly identify dining options made without soy, dairy, gluten, and added sugar with one simple label.

Tsl certification process

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Voc and mold spores reading of rooms

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Air quality

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INGREDIENTS screening ASSESSMENTS to screen out customer conflicts such as common ALLERGENS

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Identifying cleaner toiletries and cleaning supplies that keep air quality optimal

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TSL helps guests and hotels simultaneously by helping guests find what they want quickly and discreetly. No more tracking down an employee for complex ingredient questions. No more risk of employees providing the wrong information to guests. This aims to alleviate stress on hotel managers and lets TSL disclose details to guests through its advanced, research-driven labelling strategy.

Hospitality facility managers and other industry professionals know that even seemingly insignificant moments can mar someone’s entire stay at a hotel. Yet one of the most important elements of health and comfort is often overlooked by executives and managers: indoor air quality.

Guest quote:

”It’s hard enough to travel with a child who has asthma. Even after double-checking a room was smoke-free, the strong and toxic fumes from the hotel’s cleaning supplies brought on a severe asthma attack for our son. There has to be a safer way to travel.” -Jon B.

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Guests look for TSL’s cleaner living label for peace of mind

Hotels get peace of mind knowing their guests have found what they’re looking for

Premium services

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TSL conducts remote or on-site menu assessments and on-site air quality tests.

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TSL provides any necessary expert recommendations to mitigate customer conflicts.

Mint Living Room Interior Design. 3D Rendering


TSL implements research driven labelling for room and menu All-Inclusive Wellness™.

research says

“By their nature, hotel rooms are a prime example of indoor environments with high VOC levels. Not only do they regularly need maintenance work, but they are also cleaned daily. Often with strong chemicals and in the age of COVID-19 with high amounts of disinfectants.”


“Hotel housekeepers are a potentially susceptible and vulnerable population. In this study, we obtained indoor and personal measurements of VOCs at two hotels, and evaluated potential sources and factors affecting concentrations. Concentrations measured using personal sampling were about twice those of the indoor sampling.”


”For starters, switching to green cleaning products and trying to avoid using any materials with volatile organic compounds can help. The more a hotelier is able to limit these sources, the less concern there will be about irritating guests.”

— Lodging magazine

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