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Medical Luxury Wellness Experts

Our Vision & Mission

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Our mission is to create an internationally recognized wellness label. To bring awareness to consumers of companies’ wellness efforts. This is The Sweetest Life.

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TSL reviews the efforts your company makes for the wellness consumer and filters through TSL’s Standards of Excellence. TSL brings awareness to your company’s luxury wellness through showcasing.

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Support Growth

While TSL brings a stronger awareness to the efforts your company produces in wellness, TSL walks alongside your company with expert reccommendations for a robust luxury wellness.

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TSL is the only Doctor Recommended, All-Inclusive Luxury wellness label. By certifying your products you are stating your products are safer for the consumer.

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Who will showcase your company?

Chrissy Rose

MAC, PhD Apprentice

Bonjour! I am Chrissy Rose, the owner & Luxury Wellness Expert at The Sweetest Life International. I am privileged to have worked with some of the best companies in the industry. With over thirty years worth of expertise, I bring an elevated experience to my brand partnerships.

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Ease for all

TSL showcases brands that use healthy, whole ingredients that promote wellness to make choices easier for shoppers.

Customer Quote

”I deliver babies on long shifts. Sometimes I miss meals and need something fast to grab, eat, and go. Unfortunately I don’t have time to read every label on food, but I need something healthy. Thank you TSL for making it easier for me to get the nutrition I need to do the best I can for my patients!” - Anonymous doctor

Latest findings

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Study shows

Consumers are still confused about the ingredients in their food products. This confusion leads shoppers to not only consider switching brands but to pay more for ingredients they understand.

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Valuing clarity

Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of consumers would be willing to switch to another food product if they understand the ingredients in that product.

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Survey says

35 percent of shoppers do not buy a product when they find ingredients on the label that are confusing.

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Credibility counts

41 percent said they are concerned that the health benefits of ingredients haven’t been scientifically proven.

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