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A client will pay more for a house if they see it has the only international cleaner living label that adds value. Real estate is all about adding value!

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TSL’s Client Conflict Resolution™

is all about adding value to a showcased property. With many buyers focused on their health as a top priority, finding a home that has the cleaner living seal of approval can be a deal breaker for buyers, and sellers.

How TSL Assesses

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on-site testing for

VOCS, Mold Spores and Air Quality

TSL partners with realty firms to conduct on-site air quality testing for pollutants not named already in disclosures.



TSL strives to provide realty firms and sellers recommendations to enhance the cleaner living standard of air quality for residences.

cleaner living labelling

Easy to Know Labels

TSL’s iconic cleaner living label makes house hunting easier for buyers who will pay more for the added value of a cleaner living-friendly home. Buyers look for TSL’s label for third party assurance and a label synonymous with a cleaner lifestyle.

TSL Values

Exterior of a House
Wooden House
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LOW levels for

VOCS and Mold Spores

TSL’s cleaner living standard demands lower levels of VOCs for optimal quality of life.


Data Made Clear

TSL makes data clear to potential buyers with our seal of approval, but only highlights the highest quality features of the property.

Value Added

TSL isn’t just a certification to add for the sake of having one. TSL strives to add value by giving your property a feature you can be proud to showcase.

“When in doubt, test (for VOCs)! It may be an expense up front, but it can help home owners avoid a bigger financial mistake in buying a home that could bring health problems.”

Natl Assoc. of Realtors


Studies have found that levels of several organics average 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors.


In another REALTORS® survey, 59% of Realtors say they’ve found clients are interested in sustainability, and according to the National Association of Home Builders, energy efficiency and indoor air quality are top buyer preferences

Natl. Assoc. of Home Builders

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