What is your restaurant doing to support wellness?

All-inclusive wellness™

Running a restaurant is hard work. And TSL’s All-Inclusive Wellness™ was designed to make work easier for employees and decisions easier for patrons. Our science-based, medical-backed process makes it easy for people to find wellness-centered options in restaurants.

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Our Vision For Restaurants

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Our mission is to create an internationally recognized wellness label. To bring awareness to consumers of companies’ wellness efforts. This is The Sweetest Life.

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TSL reviews the efforts you make for the wellness consumer and filters through TSL’s Standards of Excellence. TSL brings awareness to your restaurant’s luxury wellness through showcasing.

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While TSL brings a stronger awareness to the efforts your restaurant produces in wellness, TSL walks alongside your restaurant with expert recommendations for a robust luxury wellness.

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TSL is the only Doctor- Recommended, All-Inclusive Luxury Wellness label. By certifying your restaurant you are stating your restaurant is safer for the consumer.

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Who will showcase your restaurant?

Chrissy Rose

MAC, PhD Apprentice

Bonjour! I am Chrissy Rose, the owner & Luxury Wellness Expert at The Sweetest Life International. I am privileged to have worked with some of the best companies in the industry. With over thirty years worth of expertise, I bring an elevated experience to my brand partnerships.

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Did you know?

Research from the International Food Information Council finds that among those who seek out foods and beverages made with ‘clean’ ingredients, health is the overriding consideration. A quarter of respondents see ‘clean’ ingredients as a shortcut to health benefits.


Accommodating health-minded guests can boost a restaurant’s profit margin by 24 percent in some cases.

– Food allergy network


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