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Our Vision & Mission

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Our mission is to create an internationally recognized cleaner living label. To aid companies who want to be cleaner and safer while giving an option for those seeking a luxury wellness lifestyle. To give hope to those suffering with disabilities and diseases. This is The Sweetest Life.

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Air quality

Paraben free


non sugar added. sugar free
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No sugar


Dye free

*For a complete list see below

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TSL Certification Supports Those With

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Cancer Patient Friendly



Arthritis Friendly

Alzheimer’s Friendly

*TSL follows medical research for over 50 disabilities and diseases

All research materials provided through:




Johns Hopkins

Stanford Medical Center


Cleveland Clinic

Mayo Clinic

A Note From Our Founder

I created TSL International after I was diagnosed with several diseases and disabilities which led to a life of survival instead of living. When I had my 7th miscarriage, I began to research instead of succumbing to my multiple diagnoses by finding alternatives other than just tolerating the pain. I needed a way to make sure I was choosing the right products, foods, and places that didn’t make my symptoms worse as I was being treated by my doctors. I created this company for those who need help making stressful decisions easier when it comes to their health and life. The Sweetest Life International takes out the guesswork, and makes it easier to choose a joy-filled, stress-free life!

In Health & Happiness,

Chrissy Rose

M.A.C., PhD Apprentice

President & CEO

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TSL Credentials

Trade Association Memberships:

Staff Degrees and Credentials:

Standards and Criteria:

  • Member of ASHRAE
  • Member of American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • Member of American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologists (SIOP)

  • Oxford University Journal, Google Scholar, Euro Journal, NIH-published research in cancer, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.
  • 20 years Industrial-Organizational Psychology experience
  • 10+ years ingredients quality screening
  • 10+ years air quality monitoring and analysis
  • PhD Apprentice in Communications
  • 15+ years in breast cancer, disabilities, mental illness research studies and advocacy
  • Public Relations Certification
  • 3 time Emmy award winner in live tv production

  • EPA, NIOSH, WHO, CDC, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, Harvard University and ASHRAE criteria-based standards
  • United States Patent-Pending Certification

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45 Years Experience

TSL International

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  • 20+ years in research for breast cancer, autism, disabilities, mental illness, child development and military PTSD
  • 10+ years in Medical Air quality monitoring and analysis
  • 20+ years Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Restaurant menu overview
  • Culinary creative advisory with 10+ years ingredients quality screening and culinary skills
  • Spa exceptional experiences with true mental and physical health using luxury wellness profiling
  • Customer Profiler in multigenerational and multicultural insight and trends
  • Location optimization with Urban Planning Demographer
  • 30 years experience in integrated heart health

*And more depending on industry needs and company goals

  • Medical Marketing social media appeal with law-based wisdom
  • Car interior and exterior computerization experience
  • Latest medical research and wellness trends
  • Hotel and hospitality housekeeping assessments and certification
  • Airline staff and airport demographics terminology
  • PhD apprentice in Leadership Communications and Inovative Solutions
  • 20+ years in Public Relations and live productions with extensive knowledge in concert arena speaking engagements as well as non-profit sector.
  • Medical knowledge in MTHFR and HLA-DR (mold illness) genetics as well as mycotoxins
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Medical Luxury Wellness Experts

TSL International

Standard of Excellence Sample

- Food and Beverage

Free from:

  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Added Sugar
  • 250+ ingredients

Free from:

  • Formaldehyde
  • VOCs
  • 10,000+ chemicals

- Furniture

Medical Luxury Wellness Experts

- Cosmetics

Free from:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • 2800+ ingredients

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Why choose TSL?

  1. TSL is the only all-inclusive internationally known cleaner living label with a following of over 4billion people.
  2. We are your 3rd party testing, customer profiling, multicultural and multigenerational integration to boost not only a brand image, but also improve your following.
  3. With over 45 years experience, TSL is designed to cater to customers and companies simultaneously.
  4. When TSL certifies a brand, life is made easier for both sides by eliminating customer conflicts by creating a resolution before it begins.
  5. In addition a company has medical science backed technology coinciding with doctoral level communications to boost not only a brand image, but the employees work ethic along side.
  6. Your own personal Urban Planning Demographer for location optimization and a PhD Apprentice for Communication style.
  7. There is no other company like TSL because we are the only patent pending process rated #1 by doctors and customers alike.
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Premium services

More services available depending on industry needs and company goals

Three different price points for affordability. We meet an industry at its level of needs.

  • Location optimization with Urban Planning Demographer
  • Marketing coordination and support with or without medical terminology
  • Minibar/snacks/gift shop aassessment and client list of approved cleaner living products
  • In-house car fleet air quality testing
  • Latest medical research and wellness trend updates
  • On-call support and new product verification
  • Housekeeping advisory assessments and certification
  • Toiletries and amenity kit certification and assessment
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  • Air quality in all areas requested plus in rooms and common areas
  • Restaurant menu overview
  • Culinary creative advisory
  • Full Spa assessment: lab-grade testing with essential oil air quality verification, medical grade detox methodology
  • Customer Profiler in multigenerational and multicultural insight and trends
  • Preferred client app portal feature
  • Annual use of global cleaner living trademarked logo and likeness

News & Updates

Medical Luxury Wellness Experts

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What Research Says

Quotation Mark

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors.“

-Environmental Protection Agency

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Researchers found that 33% of the fatal food allergy reactions occurring in the U.S. from 2001 to 2006 were triggered by foods prepared away from home (5, 6). In one study, researchers found that 34% of customers with food allergies had experienced food allergy reactions in restaurants (41).“

-Intl. Association of Food Protection

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In previous studies, we identified several hazardous compounds in clothing obtained from the common market. Combined, this strongly indicates that there is a need for further studies focused on textile contaminants as they seem to be a forgotten route to human chemical exposure.“

-Nalt. Library of Medicine

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Medical Luxury Wellness Experts

TSL International

HQ Office: Monterey, California


Phone: +1831-231-9425